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Rent a MOTORCYCLE at Ibiza Airport and live to tell about it

Alquilar moto en el aeropuerto de Ibiza

I have recently had the great luck to travel to Ibiza on vacation. I decided to move around the island on a motorcycle. I take advantage of my personal experience to tell you how to rent a motorcycle at Ibiza Airport.

Ibiza is cool. It’s amazing. But Ibiza on a motorcycle is much more cool .

Why do I think the best way to get to know Ibiza is by motorcycle?

We are lucky to live in a country that offers us an immense variety of paradises to enjoy. Ibiza is undoubtedly one of those paradises that is worth visiting.

However, I think you can win a lot if you decide to enjoy it on a motorcycle.

My reasons for renting a motorcycle in Ibiza are the following:

  • In Ibiza, traffic is complicated in summer, the accesses to the coves and main cities tend to collapse, so moving around by motorcycle can give you a lot of extra time every day.
  • Parking becomes an impossible task. Renting a motorcycle in Ibiza guarantees you to literally park wherever you want, without fear of fines.
  • In Ibiza we are going to enjoy the good weather , its coves and its atmosphere. Feeling the wind on your face, smelling the salt spray while carrying a towel and flip-flops is priceless.
  • The most popular coves (and unfortunately almost all lately), fill up quickly. As soon as the car park is complete, you will not be able to access them. You can forget about that problem if you go on a motorcycle.
  • If you also plan to visit Formentera , you should know that you will have to take a ferry to get to the island. Moving by motorcycle will make it easier for you to get a place on the boat and discover all the corners of Formentera.
  • Finally, renting a motorcycle in Ibiza will be cheaper than renting a car , not only for the price of the vehicle, but also for the gasoline and the price that you will save on parking.

What motorcycle to rent in Ibiza?

Here I have to be very strict: you must rent a scooter in Ibiza .

I love classic motorcycles, however on my visit to the island I had no choice but to surrender to the evidence: in Ibiza you travel in a scooter. Everything else will greatly complicate your rental, although I will give you some options if you are looking for a larger motorcycle or a quad.

In Ibiza you can rent a 50 cc scooter or a 125 cc scooter or larger displacement (although the most common is 125 cc). You also have a lot of options if you want to rent a Vespa .

By the way, it is not necessary that you carry your helmet in your suitcase, all rentals include a helmet, although the second helmet is usually charged as an extra.

Rent a motorcycle in Ibiza airport 3

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in Ibiza?

I love excel sheets, so when I traveled to Ibiza I made a comparison with all the motorcycle rental agencies on the island.

The cheapest rental motorcycle I found in Ibiza was 7 euros a day , for a long-term rental. The most expensive for € 130 a day , but it was a 1,000cc Cafe Racer .

The average rental price of a 125cc scooter in Ibiza is around € 30 per day. For a 50cc scooter the price is similar.

Prices normally include a helmet and basic insurance with excess (around € 500). As extras you can hire an additional helmet, a trunk, gloves, intercom, GPS or better insurance coverage.

Where to rent a motorcycle in Ibiza

How to rent a motorcycle at Ibiza Airport?

You can really rent a motorcycle anywhere on the island. In my case, I opted to rent it at the airport, upon arrival, to save the taxi to the hotel. However, you may prefer to leave your suitcase quietly at the hotel and then dedicate yourself to looking for your motorcycle. Then I will give you options for it.

The following motorcycle rental companies operate at the Ibiza International Airport:

  • Cooltra : it is probably the most widespread motorcycle rental agency in the Balearic Islands. It is based 3 km from the airport and offers 50 and 125 cc scooters. They have a free transfer from the airport to their headquarters. You can take it directly from square 52 of the Ibiza airport car park. They have scooters from 22 euros a day . They are a great option if you are looking to rent a motorcycle without a deposit.
  • Turborentacar : it was the most complete motorcycle rental company that I found at the Ibiza airport, since they offer 50, 125, 300, 400 and 500 cc scooters, as well as motorcycles and quads. To get to their office you must leave the airport and walk 1 kilometer to the left along the Airport Highway. The road has a wide sidewalk, so it is a comfortable walk. It is right at the first roundabout. They have very cheap prices for long-term rentals, from 7 euros a day . It is the cheapest motorcycle rental I found in Ibiza.
  • Maxirent : they include a shuttle service to the airport for € 15, although they do not have a physical office there. They have 125cc scooters for about 21 euros a day .
  • Jota Cafe : if what you are looking for is a unique experience, at Jota Cafe you can rent a Cafe Racer or a Scrambler of almost any cylinder capacity. In other words, a totally transformed and unique motorcycle that will not leave anyone indifferent. They do not have an office at the airport but they take it to you for € 25 . As I have found curious, I leave you below their models and prices in a table.
  • Extrarent : although they do not have an office at the airport, they have free transfer service, so I have included them in this group. Its price is considerably more expensive than the average on the island, with € 65 a day for a 125cc scooter.
  • Motosud : company that is dedicated to renting motorcycles in the capital of Ibiza (7km from the airport). Their prices start at € 34 for a 49cc scooter . They allow delivery and collection at the airport if the rental is for more than 3 days.
Rent a motorcycle at Ibiza airport

Rent a motorcycle in the rest of the island

As I am very interested in the subject, during my visit I was attentive to all the places where they rented motorcycles in Ibiza. The truth is that it is going to be difficult for you not to find one at every step you take. This will guarantee that, even if you don’t have the prior idea of ​​renting a motorcycle on the island, you can get one at any time if you change your mind.

Naming them all would be impossible, so here is a list of the motorcycle rental companies that I liked the most:

  • Ibizagocar : although they have an office at the airport, you can only rent cars there. However, you can reserve your motorcycle at the Ibiza airport and pick it up at its offices in Cala Llonga, Cala San Vicente, Cala Tarida, Es Canar, Figueral, Playa Den Bossa, Portinatx, Puerto Ibiza, San Antonio, San Miguel and Santa Eulalia. They have 50cc and 125cc bikes.
  • Motoluis : at their San Antonio offices you can rent Vespas, 50, 125 and 300 cc scooters from 17 euros a day . What you can do is return the motorcycle to your Ibiza airport office.
  • Rentalmotorbike : they put the client in contact with different motorcycle dealers. His specialty is getting you unique motorcycles, not just the typical 125cc scooters.
  • Myibizascooter : company specialized in renting scooters, from 50 to 300 cc, with a price from € 25 per day . His office is in the capital.

Rent a big gear motorcycle in Ibiza

What is promised is debt. If you don’t want to rent a scooter, you also have the option of renting a gear motorcycle in Ibiza. Specifically, when I started researching to rent a motorcycle for me, I found the following models:

ImageMotorcycle model for rentPrice per dayShop
Alquilar Yamaha XT 650 IbizaYamaha XT 650 cc35€Turborentacar
Alquilar Suzuki Van Van 125 IbizaSuzuki Van Van 125 cc15€Turborentacar
Alquilar quad en IbizaKymco MXU 250 cc24€Turborentacar
Alquilar Yamaha XJ650 IbizaYamaha XJ 65066€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar Honda CB 750 Caferacer IbizaHonda CB 750 Cafe Racer77€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar BMW K75 Cafe Racer IbizaBMW K75 Cafe Racer130€Jota Cafe
Alquilar BMW K75 Scrambler IbizaBMW K75 Scrambler77€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar BMW K100RS Scrambler IbizaBMW K100RS Scrambler100€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar BMW K100 Cafe Racer IbizaBMW K100RS Cafe Racer130€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Honda CB250 Cafe Racer IbizaHonda CB 25070€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Honda CB500 Scrambler IbizaHonda CB 500 Scrambler110€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Yamaha SR125 IbizaYamaha SR125 Cafe Racer75€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Brixton 125cc IbizaBrixton BX 12545€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Yamaha XS400 IbizaYamaha XS 40099€Jota Cafe
Alquilar Yamaha SR250 IbizaYamaha SR 250 Cafe Racer70€Jota Cafe
Alquilar BMW R850R IbizaBMW R 850 R50€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar Kawasaki Zephyr 550 IbizaKawasaki Zephyr 55068€Rentalmotorbike
Alquilar Honda CBF500 IbizaHonda CBF 50045€Jota Cafe

Rent an electric motorcycle in Ibiza

When I visited Ibiza, I discovered a spirit in its people that is very careful with the environment and nature.

I cannot agree more with that, however most of the motorcycles that can be rented on the island are gasoline powered.

I wanted to add to this post, a list of agencies where you can rent an electric motorcycle in Ibiza:

  • Emoveyou : in San Josep de sa Talaia we have the option of renting electric scooters, as well as scooters and electric bicycles. If I’m honest, their prices have seemed like a real pass: from € 79 per MONTH . Yes, you read that correctly, you can have a motorcycle at your disposal for € 79 all the holidays. Includes helmet, lock, insurance and roadside assistance.
  • In Ibiza, as in other large cities in Spain, there are electric scooters that you can drive simply by signing up for an APP. Such is the case of Sharingiviza , with a large fleet of electric motorcycles in Ibiza center and periphery, San Antonio center and periphery and nightclubs such as Privilege and Amnesia. The cost is € 0.31 per minute .
  • E-rent : another great option to rent electric scooters in Ibiza is e-rent. They have two models of electric scooters, one for € 25 a day and another for € 35 .

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