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Is it a good option to rent a motorcycle in Miami?

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Recently some good friends spent their honeymoon in Miami. As they know that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, they asked me if it was a good option to rent a motorcycle in Miami to get to know the city. I had to do some research. I tell you all about it here.

Whenever I travel around the world, especially when I travel alone or as a couple, I rent a motorcycle at the airport.

It has already become a habit because I find it a perfect option to get to know the place.

Especially when I travel with little luggage.

I have rented motorcycles in Ibiza, Menorca, Lanzarote, etc.

When I carry more luggage, instead of renting a motorcycle at the airport, I wait until I get to the hotel and then rent a motorcycle in the area.

That’s my preferred option for renting a motorcycle in Miami. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.

Is it a good option to rent a motorcycle to get to know Miami?

In my opinion, renting a motorcycle in Miami is a very good idea.

It is a city with long distances for those of us coming from Europe (if you are traveling from the United States it will probably seem like a small city).

On the other hand, it seems to me the best option to move around if you are going to enjoy Miami Beach but also want to get to know the city of Miami.

Riding a motorcycle in Miami will free you from traffic jams and parking problems.

It is also a very good option, and definitely the cheapest option if you want to visit the surrounding areas, such as the Florida Keys.

Can I drive a motorcycle in the United States with my Spanish motorcycle license?

Definitely yes.

It is recommended that you obtain your international driver‘s license before you travel, but most Miami scooter rental companies will allow you to rent a scooter with your Spanish license.

The same applies if you have a driver’s license from Mexico or any other Latin American country.

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in Miami?

Of all the places where you have rented motorcycles, Miami has the greatest price variation.

The cheapest scooters I have found in Miami cost $38 per day, however you can find scooters for up to $300 per day, so spend a little time comparing prices.

Prices in Miami Beach vary a lot depending on the demand: if you go in high season it may be advisable to rent in the center of the city, at least if you are going to rent for several days.

Where to rent a scooter in Miami?

I am going to give you motorcycle rental options both in the city of Miami and Miami Beach, so you can choose the closest option.

Motorcycle rental in Miami city

To rent a motorcycle or scooter in Miami you have all these options:

  • Miami Motorcycle Rentals: they have motorcycles and scooters from $38 per day. Their office is at 1222 NW 7th Ave and you have a lot of options to choose from. From a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883C to a huge Electra Glide Classic. You can also rent a small 50cc scooter. This isthe cheapest price I have found in Miami.
  • Eaglerider: is a national motorcycle rental company with an office in Miami. Its address is 7500 NW 25th St UNIT 4, right next to the Miami International Airport. You can choose from 28 different motorcycle models. Their prices start at $93 per day for a Honda NC700X. All their motorcycles are high displacement.
  • Lux Moto Rentals: this is a company specialized in renting high-end motorcycles in Miami. Their office is located in the Miami Design District. You can rent a Ducati Monster for $99 per day or a Ducati Panigale V4 for $250 per day.

Motorcycle rental in Miami Beach

The offer of scooter rentals in Miami Beach is much wider than in the center of the city. It is especially easy (although not cheaper) to rent a scooter to move around the beach.

You have all these companies that are dedicated to rent motorcycles in Miami Beach:

  • Miami Beach Scooter Rental: they are dedicated to rent scooters. You can rent a Vespa in Miami for $95 per day.
  • VIP Miami Rentals: they rent scooters, high-end cars and anything you need to move comfortably around Miami Beach.
  • Hot Wheels Rentals: located in the heart of Miami South Beach, here you can rent a scooter or a 49 cc motorcycle for half or full days.
  • Scooters South Beach: they are also in South Beach and specialize in Vespa and scooters. You can also rent a Segway or a Mini Hummer.
  • SobeRideRental Scooters: another good option for renting a scooter in Miami
  • MB Scooter: they have scooters starting at $45 per hour ($110 per day). They have 49cc, 150cc and 300cc scooters. They also have electric scooters.
  • Beach Scooter Rental: scooters de 49cc desde 80$ al día.
  • 2U Scooters: they have special prices for long term rentals. For example, for a stay of 14 days you can rent a scooter for $430 ($30 per day).

As you can see, if you travel to Miami, either for vacation or for work, you have many options to rent a motorcycle or scooter and move around the city.

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