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Automatically control the tire pressure of a motorcycle

Control de presión de naumáticos de moto

Installing a tire pressure reader on your motorcycle can be very useful to avoid headaches caused by a puncture.

I think that in the area where I live there is a funny man. A few weeks ago, when I started my car, the alarm for a loss of pressure in one of the tires went off. I had no choice but to take the car to the workshop to fix the puncture, which was on the side of the wheel, and had been made with an awl.

When I got home I realized that many of the cars on the street had flat tires. I had the problem when I realized that every day one of my tires was falling, until I had to fix 4 punctures, one per wheel.

I imagine that they were all produced on the same day, but they were losing air very little by little, and the sensor was warning me progressively.

All this made me think: if one day I puncture (or get punctured) the bike, I will not realize it until the tire is completely flat.

Is there a way to control the tire pressure of a motorcycle?

After suffering the mishap with the wheels of my car I began to investigate online, until I found the solution.

There are small pieces of equipment that are connected to the tire valves and measure the motorcycle’s tire pressure in real time. In this way, it is possible to monitor at any time that the pressure of the wheels is correct, even in the middle of a trip.

APP motorcycle tire pressure measurement

How do motorcycle wheel pressure sensors work?

Its operation is quite simple. You will have to replace the caps of the inflation valves of your tires with the caps of the equipment.

These new caps are capable of measuring tire pressure and temperature and transmitting the information to a screen or to your mobile phone, using a wireless signal.

On the screen, which you can easily place on the handlebar, you will have real-time information on the pressure and temperature of your motorcycle’s tires. You can also define alarms, so that the screen warns you of drops or rises in pressure and temperature.

Motorcycle tire pressure control

How much is it worth and where to buy a motorcycle tire pressure gauge?

Since I had started to investigate, I decided to make a purchase comparison, which I share with you in case it is useful to you.


Low pressure

HIgh pressure



Charging mode





Motorcycle battery

Baterry charge level. USB charger



Motorcycle battery

Battery charge level







Hasta 19 neumáticos

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